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Access the Raportuldegardă.ro HPV resources

The online publication Raportuldegardă.ro, the number 1 platform for health communication and medical innovations in Romania, launched in 2017, is an official communication partner for the #ReThinkHPVaccination project as part of the Centre for Innovation in Medicine.

Over its more than 6 years of activity, Raportuldegardă.ro has put together an impressive array of news articles and materials (in Romanian) that demonstrate the benefits of HPV vaccination, testing, and screening, showcasing the latest advancements and innovations in cervical cancer and other cancers associated with HPV infection.

With the launch of #ReThinkHPVaccination, the platform analyzed the most searched keywords related to HPV infection by Romanians on Google. Based on these, it structured a resource page with all the information ever published on the platform, also briefly answering questions such as: What is HPV?; How is HPV diagnosed?; What is HPV genotyping?; What are the symptoms of HPV infection?; How can HPV infection be prevented? and so on.

Access the resources here.

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