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Deliverable 2.1. Knowledge Centre on HPV Vaccination & Communication

Access here the Deliverable 2.1.

At the heart of the ReThinkHPVaccination project, the 'Knowledge Centre on HPV Vaccination & Communication for European Countries with Low VR' was developed with a clear vision. Our primary goal was to offer structured knowledge and essential information to individuals. By doing so, we aimed to support their confidence in making informed decisions about getting vaccinated against HPV. Such a collective, informed choice has ripple effects, potentially guiding countries on how best to utilize and allocate their resources for public health.

However, the path to our goal wasn't without its hurdles. In December 2023, the Ministry of Health in Romania introduced a significant change to the HPV vaccination distribution method. Instead of only procuring it from family doctors, people were to be granted the option to access the vaccine from pharmacies with a medical prescription. This unforeseen change prompted us to realign our strategies and timelines.

We had initially strategized to incorporate insights from Deliverable 2.2, a comprehensive study focusing on Romanian attitudes towards HPV vaccination. This would have allowed us to tailor our content meticulously based on these perceptions. However, due to the reshuffling in the vaccination program and other administrative challenges, the release of that study was deferred.

To ensure that our mission didn't lose momentum, we pivoted. We gleaned valuable insights from smaller, yet impactful recent studies spearheaded by Fundatia Renasterea, coupled with rich discussions with vaccination experts and general practitioners. While this wasn't our initial blueprint, the insights gathered are pivotal and actionable.

In essence, though our journey witnessed a few detours, our mission's essence remained untouched: to furnish individuals and countries with reliable, actionable information on HPV vaccination. This platform stands as a testament to that commitment, poised to drive a significant change in HPV vaccination attitudes and actions.

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